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Book Genres: A Poll!

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I have a secret goal (well, I guess it’s not so secret): to turn every kid into a reader. Ambitious, I know, but I am a teacher on a mission! In trying to achieve this goal, I have to think about the types of books in my library. As I was book shopping the other day, I had to constantly remind myself that I wasn’t picking out books for ME, but for my students. In other words, I couldn’t pick up only what I would want to read, but to what 12-14 year-olds would find interesting.

This got me thinking about book genres. Ever since I became a teacher, I have stuck to reading children/teen books (although I do sneak in a few “big people books” as I like to call them). I mostly like to read “realistic” science fiction– things like The Giver and Unwind. I also like to read what I call “rip-your-heart-out-and-leave-it-on-the-floor” books–those super sad books that make you feel something; The Chocolate War comes to mind for me. I have started to dabble in non-fiction within the last few years, and here I read the likes of David Sedaris, Jon Krakauer, and A.J. Jacobs. Very rarely do I pop out of these three genres; if I do, it is something highly recommended by another teacher, student, or other reader.

So, what types of books do you like to read? Do you mostly stick to one genre or do you just read whatever strikes you as interesting? What are some of your favorite books?


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  1. I voted for mystery and fiction, though in the summer I try to branch out read other genres that I normally would not. Mostly I just LOVE to read!!

  2. I love to read, and I love your ambition!! Readers are leaders 🙂

  3. Gem State Trotter

    I voted for biography and non-fiction…that is what I have been reading the most of the past few years.

  4. I voted for fiction in general, and also for mystery. I like to read, but lately with school all I find myself reading is blog posts and discussion forums 🙂

  5. Cool Survey tool BTW.

  6. I love to read. I love American literature the best. My favorite book of all time is still To Kill a Mockingbird. I must admit though that I thouroughly enjoy a John Grisham book as well just for a fun read. Great poll.

    • Reading is like watching TV–sometimes you just gotta have something light and fun (thus the reason I watch trashy TV).

  7. I voted for fantasy, sci-fi, and general fiction. I love things that just get me out of reality and into something totally different. I don’t know how it happened, but I somehow got through high school and college without ever reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck, so I’ve recently picked that up. I’m loving everything about it so far, and I think I probably would have disliked it if I had been forced to read it in school.

    • Dan Hardebeck

      We must have similar tastes – we are the only two who voted for science fiction, and I LOVE Steinbeck! I’ve read almost all of his books, even dragged my family along on a “Steinbeck pilgrimage” a few years ago to Salinas, Monterrey, etc.

  8. It was fun to take this poll and say Yes to reading fiction, non-fiction, and biography. In the not so far past I read so much professionally that I lost my desire to read to connect to other interests and entertainment. I am so relieved and happy to report that I seem to be past that void and have read several books this summer just for my own enjoyment. Whew!

    • There seems to be certain things that we need to read that manage to suck all the fun out of it. I am glad your book-tank is full again!

  9. I love to read, but unfortunately, I haven’t had much time in the past few years to read what I enjoy. I usually find myself having to preview books for my 10 year old daughter who thinks she is 21.

  10. I was looking for wordless picture books, but I’m not sure if that could be considered a genre. I marked the other box anyway. Great poll. Hope you don’t mind if I link to it from my blog and try to drive a few more visitors to your poll.

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  13. I loved your poll. I especially liked the option about breaking your heart…phew, so far no one has chosen that one. If you want a really good “rip you heart out” read, try The Breadwinner. It’s probably right in the age group you teach, and will definitely make you feel something.

  14. I rarely get into a novel/fiction type book! I’m all about nonfiction and autobiographical books. There’s just something about reading about real-life that inspires me; how people overcome struggles and tragedies, how they accomplish great acts of courage, etc. If I know a book is fiction, it just doesn’t interest me!!

    • There is something to be said about reading about something that has happened. As they say, truth is often stranger than fiction.

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